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Vulcan Hosts Family Day at McCook Quarry

At Vulcan’s McCook Quarry, coworkers are more than just colleagues. They’re family.

Once a year employees are encouraged to invite their families to the quarry for ‘Family Day’ and introduce those closest to them to their other family — their Vulcan family. 

“We spend a lot of time here, work a lot of hours here and a lot of times our kids don’t realize exactly what we’re doing or why we’re here so many hours,” said electrician Marco Gonzalez. “It’s great to have the kids come and see what we do here and who we work with and meet our coworkers.”

Kids enjoyed playing in the sandbox, painting rocks and even painting a wall at the facility.

“We’ve had family members come and write on the wall,” said Community and Government Relations Manager Atisthan Roach. “As they are working inside the office building, they can look out and see all of these great messages.” 

Environmental Specialist Tommy Garbacz was very excited to attend his first Family Day with his wife Ashley and newborn son, Camden. At only 2 months old, Camden had his foot painted and put on the wall for Tommy to look at everyday.

“I come home and I talk about work all the time,” Garbacz said. “So it’s kind of cool that they can come out and see everything that we deal with on a daily basis and see the people that we talk about all the time,” 

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Unlike Tommy, Working Foreman Candelariol Garcia is no stranger to Family Days. He’s been with Vulcan for 27 years.

“My kids love it,” Garcia said. “Since they were little they used to always want to come see where I work.”

Garcia has 10 family members that have also worked for Vulcan over the years, including his dad and brother.

“It’s a good company to work for. They take care of their people,” said Garcia.

Marilyn Hodel, who works in Equipment Maintenance Service at McCook couldn’t agree more.

“It’s a family company, takes care of my family, it’s as simple as that,” said Hodel.

Area Operations Manager Jon Carmack also brought two of his children to Family Day.

“When our families come, I think it makes everyone proud to say this is what we do, this is the company I work for,” Carmack said.

Carmack summed up the day perfectly.

“It makes us step back and think there is more to what we do besides just crushing rocks,” said Carmack.