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Vulcan Rock Supports 9,000 Foot Runway

Airports are key elements of economic growth for cities across the country. Until recently, the small, aging runway at the McGhee Tyson Airport near Knoxville, Tennessee has limited the economic boost the airport could provide. However, work is now nearing completion on a runway expansion that will bring the airport into compliance with FAA guidelines and allow the airport to handle larger aircraft.

Vulcan was offered the opportunity to supply the majority of the materials required for this runway expansion, but this opportunity didn’t come without its challenges. Vulcan met with stringent requirements for the material set by federal guidelines and had to deal with the logistics of supplying material to a secured site at the airport. Vulcan employees overcame these challenges which created a sense of pride amongst the team as the project nears completion.

“It’s a large project. It’s a very meaningful project,” said Vulcan Vice President/General Manager, Brian Pace. “There are a lot of people that use this airport as a regional airport so it’s a great partnership with Vulcan and the community.”

vulcan runway

Vulcan Vice President/General Manager, Brian Pace

Vulcan was uniquely qualified to handle this project because it has several quarries that supply the greater Knoxville and Maryville area. Having this kind of freedom when it comes to sourcing materials helps Vulcan’s customers feel more confident that if there’s any problem with one facility, Vulcan has others that can easily provide the necessary materials. By the time the project reaches completion, Vulcan will have provided over 300,000 tons of material.

“A lot of planning went into this, the production of material we’re supplying,” said Vulcan Account Manager Allan Kerr. “A lot of work went into this by a lot of people, so it is a source of pride that we can do this and accomplish these things and build a project like this.”

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