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Vulcan Sponsors Annual Pet Parade

For the past 15 years, Vulcan’s McCook Quarry has supported the Annual La Grange Pet Parade, an institution in the western suburbs of Chicago. In 2019, a float filled with Saint Francis students and their families, a DJ and Vulcan volunteers rode along the streets of La Grange passing out candy and hardhats. Oh, and let’s not forget all the pets.

Since 1947, this crowd-pleasing event has included marching bands, floats and children showcasing their pets, from dogs to birds and snakes. In addition to the fun, the goal is to promote and support the health and care of animals in Chicagoland by showcasing the value of animals in our lives and the special bonds that exist between kids and animals.

“La Grange is a big partner for Vulcan, we have a major quarry, McCook Quarry, just a couple miles down the road,” said Jamie Polomsky, Vice President / General Manager of Vulcan in Illinois. “La Grange supports what we do as a business, so Vulcan is involved in the Pet Parade and other activities as well to try and give back to La Grange.”

Suzi Wirtz, President & CEO of the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry, also joined in on the fun.

“Vulcan is a top-tier member of the Chamber and a major supporter of the Chamber and all of our initiatives. And we, in turn, love to support Vulcan. And they’re here today to support the Pet Parade and La Grange,” said Wirtz.

Vulcan and St. Francis’s partnership for the La Grange Pet Parade will benefit Pet Parade Charities and its mission of providing educational scholarships for students and classes that promote responsible pet ownership.

St. Francis has also enjoyed partnering with Vulcan for the parade.

“We’re really excited to have Vulcan help us out again this year, and the kids are excited,” said Jeremy Strayer, Head Track Coach at St. Francis Xavier School.

The parade is a chance for students to enjoy spending time together and passing candy out to younger kids, but also learn more about Vulcan and future job opportunities.

The parade is a chance for the St. Francis school students to learn more about Vulcan and future job opportunities. “Our regional Chamber of Commerce, one of our big initiatives is workforce development,” Wirtz said. “And Vulcan serves on our Workforce Development Committee to try to get kids involved a little more and know what’s going on in the different industries and their options after high school.” 

Congressman Dan Lipinski of Illinois’ 3rd District also stopped by to support the Pet Parade. “I want to thank Vulcan for sponsoring the parade, sponsoring the St. Francis float here,” said Lipinski. “Great to have Vulcan a part of the community here. It’s one of the greatest community events around.”

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